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Commonwealth v. Taylor

May 21st, 2020, 2:53 PM

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania herein orders: 

"we reverse the judgment of the Superior Court and remand for a determination, in the first instance, and with developed advocacy of the parties, of whether the harmless error doctrine is applicable to the juvenile court 's constitutionally deficient misapplication of the Juvenile Act's transfer provisions and, if it is not or if the error is not harmless, for consideration of the available relief under these circumstances. It is so ordered."

As found on the website of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania:

  • The majority opinion, written by JUSTICE WECHT, joined by SAYLOR, C.J., and TODD and MUNDY, JJ.: Com v Taylor MAJORITY
  • The concurring and dissenting opinion, written JUSTICE BAER, joined by DONOHUE and DOUGHERTY, JJ.: Com v Taylor ConcurrDissent

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