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April 17th, 2015, 12:00 AM

The role of law enforcement has expanded dramatically in Pennsylvania's public schools in the past 15 years. As police have assumed a full-time presence in schools, they have become involved in a broad range of school matters, including incidents or conflicts normally handled by school administrators. Pennsylvania ranks 9th in the nation for the rate at which students are referred to law enforcement.

Beyond Zero Tolerance: Discipline and Policing in Pennsylvania Public Schools examines both police involvement in schools and school-administered discipline, such as suspension and expulsion. The overall result of these practices has been that more youth are being removed from schools and involved in the justice system. The report identifies which students are most affected, discusses new research findings on racial disparities in discipline, presents federal policy statements on school discipline, and highlights promising new reforms.

Accompanying the report is a comprehensive website – www.aclupa.org/bzt– with a slideshow presentation of the report,  useful resources for advocates, educators, parents, and students, and a Q&A addressing frequently asked questions about school discipline and policing.

If you would like paper copies of the report or are interested in coordinating a workshop or presentation, contact Harold Jordan at hjordan@aclupa.org or 215-592-1513, x123.

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